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  1. To see the participants who have registered for your cohort or to enter attendance data, scroll down and enter your cohort code.
  2. Please fill in the Attendance by Cohort, Video Artifacts, and Dropout notes columns as applicable.
  3. Attendance by Cohort: To fill out participant attendance, you will need to select the right code. The attendance codes are the cohort code followed by the session number (1, 2, or 3) and Present or Absent. For example, if a participant was present for the first session of AC100PQ, and absent for the second and third session, their attendance would be AC100PQ1-Present, AC100PQ2-Absent, AC100PQ3-Absent. Please fill in the attendance even if a participant is absent for all three sessions.
  4. Video Artifacts: Please indicate for each session whether a participant brought a video of their practice or a lesson plan artifact. If they did not bring any artifacts, please leave that column blank. If there is data in that column already, please just add the new data to it.
  5. Dropout Notes: If a participant has shared with you why they are no longer participating in ACRES, please indicate the reason in the Dropout Notes column.

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